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Meet Bella Escritor Author Of Quarterback Keeper

Hi, I am Bella Escritor, Author of the highly publicized book “Quarterback Keeper”.  Welcome to my  blog site where I feature anything from celebrity gossip, new books, new music, or just beautifully written random reads.

Bella Escritor a.k.a. “Beautiful Writer” is a Spanish pen name I use to write under.  Until now my identity has been kept somewhat under wraps.  However, here I am pictured below:

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I have been blogging for about over a year now and some of you may already be familiar with my writings.  I started out working for and then before starting my own website.

I recently wrote a memoir about my ten year relationship with Controversial Superstar Quarterback, Michael Vick.


In my book “Quarterback Keeper”,  I explained how I met Vick, and got close enough with him over the years to be entrusted with some of his biggest secrets.   I remained hidden to the public for almost a decade while involved in a deep relationship with Vick.

Hiding was my choice and not his request.

I also explain my reasons for finally coming out now, although I was hesitant to do so before, and for writing and publishing a book about our relationship.

Quarterback Keeper” is available for sale now on its own website:


“Quarterback Keeper” is also available for easy download almost every where eBooks are sold including and

I didn’t write the book to gain fame or money (although it would be nice to be successful as a well written Author).  In order to further understand my reasons you will need to read the book in it’s entirety.

The Title “Quarterback Keeper” simply means: Keeping the Quarterback ok. 

I am a former adult entertainer, mother, and college educated writer.


I embrace my past and am extremely proud of my present.  I am hoping you will return to this website to read even more of my writings as well as purchase a copy of my book to read for yourself.

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  1. do the thang mz bella i look forward to read more of your writing

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