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Being In love With Someone Involved In Dog Fighting Was The Absolute “Worst Valentines Day Ever”

With Valentine’s day approaching, I got to thinking about my past and the memory of my worst Valentine’s day ever came up.

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To make a long story short,

I was in love with NFL Quarterback Michael Vick at the time, (as some of you may know by now after reading my book (“Quarterback Keeper”)  and was depressed for the first time ever on Valentine’s day.

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Vick was in prison on this particular Valentine’s day, and doing time for his involvement in illegal dogfighting. There were no flowers or candy for me from the one I loved.  Instead, I got a card in the mail that came all the way from a Federal prison in Kansas.


In the past, I had grown accustomed to getting all dolled up and and excited about the flower deliveries and dinner dates that often came my way on Valentine’s day.  I could have kicked this man’s ass literally for doing something so asinine that he would be in a jail cell somewhere instead of with me on the most romantic day of the year.


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Waiting at the mailbox in eager anticipation  on Valentines’s day was far from what I was used to.


Check out the card below:





In my book you will learn how I found out about Vick’s  history with dog fighting.



As an animal lover myself, I had complete disgust toward him and anyone else who was involved in such a horrific crime against dogs.

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I was taught to forgive and so I did just that, but my memories however, still existed.  I didn’t know that side of  Vick; The side of him that could later admit to me and the world, that he played a huge part in dog fighting.  The side of Vick I had grown accustomed to knowing was a sweet and caring man who only let his aggression out on the football field.  It’s weird how much we think we know a person until the sh*t hits the fan and out of nowhere we see an entirely different person.

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As I sat there on my bed that day reading the card from Vick, I began to cry.  I wasn’t crying because the words and sentiment were so touching, no that was not it all.  I was upset at the fact that out of all the men in the world to celebrate Valentine’s day with, I was doing it this way, and with a man who allowed his own destructive actions to negatively affect my life and my Valentines Day.

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To say the least, I was pissed.  I vowed to myself that I would never allow someone else’s crimes or bad choices to have such a negative impact on my life or the way I choose to celebrate Holidays.

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