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Bella Escritor Speaks Out On The Book “Quarterback Keeper”

Yes, I wrote the book.  I wrote it, published it, and I tried to continue to go on about life as usual…

I have been working as a writer for about a year now and am very excited about becoming an Author.

The book I wrote titled “Quarterback Keeper”,  has definitely drawn a lot of attention.  With the book being about my past relationship with Vick, I assumed it would but hoped for positivity.

I live a very private life outside of my past as a dancer in Atlanta.  I met Vick while dancing and we were a consistent part of each other lives for about a decade.  I understand that this may come as news to many that there is now a woman out there that is claiming to have know this public figure all this time.

The book tells the story of how we met, what I witnessed while having Vick in my life, how our relationship progressed over the years, why it was kept as quiet as it was, fun times we shared, sad moments, and eventually how it all ended and why.

The media has decided to grab headlines by using about 10% of the book’s content.  Well there is a lot more in the book then just strippers and sex.  In fact, I made that part of the book minimal on purpose because I didn’t want the book to be just another “sex with an celebrity tell all”. (And it’s not that at all)

I’m not fictional and neither is any part of the book Quarterback Keeper.  I chose to write under the pen name “Bella Escritor” because I loved what it meant.  Bella Escritor means Beautiful Writer in Spanish.  Which is exactly what I consider myself to be.

My real name is Kiana and that is the only name Vick ever knew me by while we were together.

When most women come out about an untold relationship with a celebrity, they often put their picture out there first and the result of that is “instant fame”.

Well that’s not what I wanted.  “Instant Fame” is not why I wrote the book.


One of the headlines about the book coming from Jimmy Kempski and Matt Romanoski had it right when they wrote this part:

“I  was contacted by someone close to Vick’s family, and they had been  telling  me for a while that they were going to put our story out there.  They had  ulterior motives with him.  They told me they were going to  address (my  relationship with Vick) in a different manner, and so I just  put it out there  my way. It’s my story and it should be told my way.  From what I’ve been told,  that person, that source, still has in their  mind to put our story out there.”

I was told 2 years ago that someone would be using my relationship with Vick, to capitalize on their own future media endeavors.  So, I began to write my memoir.   Then just last year, I was warned again by that same person and so I decided to go ahead and release my memoir to the world.

Below is an excerpt from the book and gives more input on what the book is really about:

(Chapter 12 Excerpt)

I dedicated years of my life to seeing him get through plenty. I did it out of my own love for him.  It may make me sound a little hurt by it, but truth is I am, and have every right to be.  I didn’t need the camera time.

Other than thinking that the world had the story wrong, I had nothing else against [old girl] and was not threatened by her and Vick’s relationship.  I felt I knew that their relationship would not affect ours in any way.  I am glad he had her around when I couldn’t be. I loved him enough to want him to always have someone, somewhere in his corner at all times.

Marriage doesn’t always guarantee a lifetime commitment and I knew that from other sources. But if ever the time came for him to finally marry her, I had decided that I wouldn’t interfere with their happiness. Vick, on the other hand, had often guaranteed me access to his heart for a lifetime, and that was worth more to me than anything else.

I never intended to fall in love with Vick, stick by his side through his controversy, hide myself from the media, or  even to write a book about it all.  But all that has happened now and in the near future I will have to show you all who “Bella” really is.  Although I don’t feel the need to prove my relationship with Vick to the media (other than the bits and pieces I provided to them only as a small gesture of validity),  I understand that seeing is believing in their opinions.

I watched the world judge Mike.  Some headlines were deserving and others were just completely cruel and plain wrong.  Now I am getting a taste of that “media” coverage I shied away from in the past.  (And I’m glad I was able to stay away from it for so long).

I hope you get a chance to read the book in it’s entirety and form your own opinions.  Everyone is not out to become rich and famous when they have a story to tell.  Some people just have a story to tell.

I met a man, I loved a man, and I wrote about it…

*visit to purchase a copy of the book and read more excerpts from the book itself*


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  1. don,t worry bout people always have something say what you that man had is bnetween u and him people swear some body get money u kno in your hart what yall had so fuck they opinions i like the book very much and your writing skill wish you the best

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